I am extremely excited at the rate at which the fashion industry has fully embraced the use of our very own African Print  fabric – ANKARA.  It has surely become a force to reckon with and it seems there is an insatiable taste for the colorful fabric to be used for anything and everything.

Ankara is now used to create the most beautiful and breathtaking fashion accessories.  You can now adorn yourselves in quirky accessories fashioned out of African print fabrics from head to toe – Hair bands, Earrings, Rings, Brooches, Bangles, Necklaces, neck bibs, Shoes, Bags, Laptop cases etc.

The use of Ankara on accessories isn’t exactly novel, we have Ituen Bassey to thank for the mainstream appreciation of the African fabric gem.  It is safe to say she started the Ankara accessory craze with her Ankara necklaces and Bangles in different sizes way back in 2009.  Back then, you had to be a trend setter and possibly have an innate understanding of art to appreciate the beauties she created out of such a brashly bold local fabric.

Ituen Bassey’s fabulous signature Ankara accessories.

Now, many accessory designers have followed suit and they are creating wonderful items out of Ankara and Kente. What’s even more exciting is that they are all so affordable and accessible too.

I have decided to go an extra mile for you, my sweet readers, to offer some names with contact details of some accessory designers and their products (Nigeria & Beyond)I am sure you’ll love.  Trust me, I have loads of accessories from some of these beautiful people, so give them a try.  Let’s just say, this is the continuous and infinte  ’Rise and Rise of African prints’.

Here it goes. Enjoy looking through the pictures.

  • Orese African Inspired Jewelry & Adornments

Visit Orese on facebook and Shop for her beautiful adornments and more

  • Christie Brown

Visit Christie Brown website here. Mobile: + 233 (0) 244 418477; Tel:+ 233 (0) 302 774901(Ghana contact numbers). You can shop for Christie Brown items in Lagos too at Temple Muse Boutique.


Ronke for ELLELEROSKE – For more beautiful bags and hair accessories. Call Mobile: 0803 074 6758 (Nigeria).


Kente Laptop case and Kente Chain bag

Clutch bags and Laptop cases/sleeves are just some of the items from Tote – visit Tote by Bola Obileye for more inspiring items.  Call: 0802 411 3305.

  • Accessories by Naledi

Accessories by Ayo Naledi, call here for more beautiful creations. Call 0806 405 1184 (Nigeria).

  • Design For Love (DFL)

Gorgeous clutch bags with wooden frames, delicate small purses with a vintage feel are just some of the things you can get from DFL. 360NoBS Fashion had a chat with DFL, check out the interview here as it showcases some great designs from the brand. You can also Call DESIGN FOR LOVE: 0802 901 8185 (Nigeria) .


Marazetti(Liberia) makes shoes and I love them all.

These are other items I found but with no idea of the designers.  If you do know you can share in the comment box below.

Thanks to Mide, the big hoop kente earrings in the picture above are from AKEYNO, based in the US. Visit the site for some well made ankara and kente bowties and other quirky items for the ladies too.


Found the website for this lovely oilcloth rucksack, here is the email for more information and more beautiful bags to snap up.



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