Heads Up! Model Takes Tumble on Runway: Model fall creates buzz for fashion show worldwide


Supermodel Naomi Campbell took a tumble while walking the runway at Paris Fashion Week. Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw pulled “a Naomi” on an infamous episode of “Sex and the City,” and now a model in Nigeria has perhaps topped them both.

The model, Amal Contran, took her dramatic tumble while walking the runway in Lagos, Nigeria, Thursday for Kinabuti, a Nigerian fashion house run by Italian designer Caterina Bortolussi.

Bortolussi, according to the label’s website, “celebrates women with innovative and eclectic designs.” Although Contran was wearing a sleeveless dress with a bold, geometric print from the line’s 2013 collection, it was her nude heels, in this case, that proved too eclectic for her to keep her balance.

“She was the opening act of the show and from backstage I heard people wooowing and clapping and I said to myself, ‘Wow, people are already liking our new pieces,'” Bortolussi told  in an email. “Then somebody came and said, ‘Amal fell.'”

Photographs show Contran, a half-Sudanese, half-Egyptian model who lives in Lagos, opening her eyes wide and throwing her right hand in the air and left hand to the ground to brace for her inevitable fall.

Ever the professional, Contran got back on her feet and even reappeared on the runway later in the show. She also suffered no injuries, apart from very sore knees, according to Bortolussi.

“Amal came backstage and she was sooo sorry and apologetic,” the designer said.

Bortolussi’s 2013 collection for Kinabuti, titled “Vlisco Carnival in the Desert,” earned rave reviews, but it was Contran’s fall, naturally, that stole the shows as photographs of her fall were printed across the world.

“When we saw the articles today we called her, and she was laughing and happy that she didn’t ruin the show,” Bortolussi said.

“She actually made it special and relevant,” Bortolussi added. “God’s ways are incredible, and it all turned out to be a wonderful blessing.”

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