Nigerian-London Based Fashion Brand Tsemaye Binitie Presents Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook ‘American Beauty’

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection for Tsemaye Binitie London is called ‘American Beauty’. The inspiration this season was a book of the same name by Clairborne Swanson Frank where Tsemaye fell in love with her motivation in putting together her portraits of ‘Accomplished’ American women each of who possesses an original blend of grit, grace and glamour. It triggered a chain of thought that led Tsemaye to look at the ‘Accomplished American woman’ and her relationship to fashion and dressing over the years.

Picking five of the subjects that were featured in the book and studying their style helped to form the various themes within the collection. There is a casual approach to fashion in a very stylish way as one can see the mix of feminine and masculine features. The looks are strong, sexy, and chic classic looks for fashion enthusiasts. There is a modern elegance and effortless air to the creations.

The Tsemaye Binite brand is a contemporary fashion label characterized by exquisite clothing encapsulating a love of luxury and innovative design. For Spring Summer 13, the silhouettes have been streamlined and focused. Dresses are the key product from TsemayeBinitie London and with a bigger line up this season there’s more to choose from. Fabrics range from washed silk satin to leather, silk organza, georgette lame, silk taffeta and high tech viscose twills. Laser cutting and appliqué embroidery will add that special touch.

For more information contact:
Facebook: Tsemaye-Binitie-London
Twitter: @TsemayeBinitie


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