Instead of dumping that beautiful glitter dress in a “No turning back box” all because the glitter are peeling, why don’t you take a bold step and try this easy tips below.

The steps/tip to stop glitter from falling off your clothes is very simple and easy, just follow the procedure below: For all those glitter girls out there…That own a  piece of clothing such as a dress, shirt, pants, etc. with glitter on it that just seems to always fall off And no matter how hard you tried it just kept falling off, no worries just follow the tips below.

And it goes:

 Step 1:
Get some hair spray
Step 2:
Get put your piece of clothing (whether its a top, dress, or a skirt)
Step 3:
Spray the hairspray over the glitter on the clothing.
Step 4:
You’re done!
The best part? The glitter won’t even come off after you put it in the wash! Just spray it once and you’re good for the life of the garment.

2 thoughts on “TIP

  1. Oh! you are so love for this, i have been thinking of what to do to my dress, my friends actually advise me to use glue but i only ends up destroying it wit glue but this just works perfectly


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