LOVE or HATE: C-String Invisible Underwear

We’ve all heard of G-Strings….but C-Strings? Yup! Just when we thought every kind of panty had already been invented, they come out with this C-String Invisible Underwear, Just for $21.

Before you freak out, give me a minute to explain the photo below. Instead of having to deal with annoying underwear lines, this C-String provides coverage without the panty straps. You can even wear it in a tanning bed (tisk) and you won’t get tan lines!

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Here’s how it stays: C-String has a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds it to your body. At the front it looks like a normal sexy underwear and to the rear it has a thong-style strip.

To learn more, watch a video about the C-String.

Do you think this is fashion Forward or Flop? let me know by sharing your opinion below.


26 thoughts on “LOVE or HATE: C-String Invisible Underwear

  1. I love it, Really I do and thanks for taking out time to show us how this looks and works, it’s definitly something that i can wear.


    1. Straight up, I can see you ain’t even trying to give it a chance but lets look at the brighter side no visible ‘Underwear lines’ cos am guessing that’s the ‘catchy’ phrase they using to sell it plus it’s selling big time already


  2. I love Love this and I love you for posting this. can’t wait to lay my hand on it, can you plz tell me how to start my own blog too am interested


    1. I sincerely don’t think this as to do with you be an African man or not it’s a thing of choice if you don’t like it then you don’t, just pray your woman will feel the same as you do cos if not you will be having a serious debate on this cos it’s also her choice if she chose to wear one.


    1. Nobody is hating, it’s just an opinion of each person. I don’t hate it but neither do I like it and i’ll never be caught wearing it either.


  3. I love showing off my g-string line a little. makes the guys go crazy, and my bf loves playing with it 😉 if i was really worried about lines, i would just go commando. this is dumb.


  4. first of all I’m a man looking for something sexy for my wife and honestly this doesn’t look attractive nor something someone would feel at home in. I mean just picture this me and my wife out dancing in a skirt and it falls out would she explain what it is?


  5. I actually thought this would be really awkward to wear and would constantly fall down, but it didn’t! and no PTL lines! Which is always a bonus. Felt really sexy and glad I bought this and I got mine from Lovehoney is the only place that does this at the moment. so you can order yours now too

    Will be buying more in the future!


      1. Thanks at least you don’t like it but you don’t make those of us who does feel bad about it. Nice blog you have by the way. xxxx


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