After so many rumors about Mrs Cater been pregnant or not which I don’t want to dwell on – I happen to stumble upon this cute picture of Baby Carter donning a beautiful white “Tutu” and a nicely done hair on her personal director’s chair, I just feel like babies are God’s blessing and you can’t just help but to love them, when they are around you they sort of bring out the positiveness in you and BIC isn’t no exception. The moment I saw this picture, my heart totally melt and I love it. Have fun viewing below and tell me what you feel. xo 🙂

Blue Ivy-Carter


14 thoughts on “B I C – THE BABY FASHION ICON

  1. Hello there! I love your blog! It is such a good read and I always look forward to your posts. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award! (: Click on the link below for more info on how to accept your award!

    Have a lovely day (:
    -Mandy xo


      1. Yeah, they sounded like they knew what they were saying on the radio, so I’m hoping it wasn’t false info, however, I think that Jay-Z and B are still denying the rumors. Only time will tell 😉


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