Clutch purses can’t be out of vogue. At least not in a long while, They are the medium-to-small-sized handbags with a short handle and full of different colors. Clutch purse are designed to be clutched in one’s hand and come in detachable chain or leather strap, They also comes in different shapes such as rectangular, triangle, envelope curved, heart-shaped and others. Some come with embellishment such as satin, beads, brocade, feathers and other ornaments to give a unique and outstanding look and they cam made out of cloth fabrics, leather and even wooden  material.

These purses come in different colors too ranging from blue, green, yellow, orange, cream, red, purple, animal prints, multi-colours and other brilliant colours. Till date clutch purses have remained popular as evening bags but with a little exception of the use of clutch purse by some ‘Brides & Brides-maids’.



  • The ‘Envelope clutch’ does wonder to any outfit

  • Pippa Middleton looks gorgeous with the envelope clutch purse

  • The black leather clutch-purse is just the perfect match for this beautiful blue dress

  • There is no better way Tiwa Savage would have expressed this classy style without the almost-yellow clutch purse. It’s a good contrast to her grey dress.

  • She succeeds in matching the clutch with her shoes. when it’s an angle length dress, you can be sure that a pose with a clutch purse gives an edgy look.

  • Genevieve Nnaji dress gets attention but not as much as the clutch purse in her hands. it also adds elegance to her flirty look.

So, whichever dress you desire to pair your clutch-purse with, be sure that it will just come out perfectly ok, and as I always say ‘CLUTCH-PURSE never fails a girl’s fantasy’ have a nice day. 🙂


8 thoughts on “CLUTCH CRUSH

  1. I love clutch purse and I am stealing your quote too,’a clutch bag never disappoints a girl fantasy’ I say too lol… And the lady in black dress and her clutch looks amazing all together.


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