Summer Sunset Eyes, So Romantic!

Rainbow eyebrows

Stunning Pink Eye Makeup How to! Would you LIKE to try this?

Blooming beauty ways to switch oup one’s style for summer

Summer look

Eyeliner trends! Which is the most stunning to YOU?

Bow Eye- Shadow- Hot or Over the top?

Perfect Make-up for Brown Eyes

This Beyonce look is a perfect choice for any brown skin during the summer.

Herringbone hairstyle! What a great way to dress up a casual office outfit!


Stunning triple braid! Do YOU have super thick hair to pull this off?

Hair Flowers

GREAT ideas for Graduation and PROM hair! Which do you LIKE best?

Simple and sweet โ€˜wrapped bun

Easy, simple updo

And this are other ways of braiding one’s hair:


15 thoughts on “SUMMER EYES & HAIR BRAID

  1. That 1st braid i tried out for my sister some minutes ago and it came out so well even tho, I didn’t think is OK for the occasion she still like it so what more can i say than chill and watch other people reactions over it and Kim you are doing good girlfriend, love you xoxo.


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