A  BEAUTIFUL three generation shot with Daughter, Mother and Grandmother! LIKE or NOT?

DIY Confetti Bowl. Do you like this Idea???

Watermelon Art, Like or Dislike?

Pearls in your wedding up-do make such an elegant statement! AGREE?

New Summer Wedding Dress Collection! Which do you LIKE best! Find your favorite!

Romantic Pearl Encrusted Wedding Pumps, Lovely or Not?

Awesome Heart Shaped LOve seat

Beautiful Floral lined Wedding gown! Do you LIKE it?

“The magic of marriage begins with a wedding, but only becomes a fairytale through love and patience” ~Unknown AGREE?

GREAT photo idea! Bride with the flower girls! LIKE it?

Collection of vintage wedding rings! which is your favorite ONE!

Dresses with contrasting and falling petals are a romantic addition to any wedding dress! AGREE?

Romantic and beautiful these roses make such an AMAZING cake! AGREE?

15 thoughts on “WEDDING ART & LOVE

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  4. LOVE
    * The three generation shots. Sadly I will not have any of those since my granny has gone to heaven. When I have children best believe I will be doing lots of those generational photos. You appreciate those things later. I just got a pic of my gran and I at my 4th birthday – I love it 🙂
    * Pearls
    * Flower girl shot

    * Confetti Bowl – I know it wouldn’t be the case but in my mind I would think I’m about to eat some accidentally.
    * Floral lining but that’s a general bias I have against small floral patterns


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