Red lips are the quintessential sexy look but getting it “just right” can take a little know-how. Red lips are a classic look as seen on many and they’re a pop of color that can enhance many a look. Whether you’re just in the mood to have fun with your look, or you’re going to a formal ball, red lips are often the best choice. Here’s how to make sure they’re a well applied choice too.

  • Janelle Monae
  • Beyonce

  • Gabrielle Union

Select the red lipstick. Most people are able to wear cool red. However, it is important to try different shades of red to find the one that suits you best. Ask a makeup retail assistant to help you make a suitable choice; be sure to test under good lighting.
•    Orange-red or reds with more yellow in them are kinder to olive or easily tanned skins (warm complexions).
•    Pale skin tones (cooler complexions) are better with blue toned reds.
•    A berry-tone fuchsia is a good daytime red.
•    Try red in a see-through sheer texture if you’re not sure

Clean and dry your lips in preparation. Slightly moisturize your lips by adding a little lip balm. Before proceeding, wait for it to be absorbed.

Add lip liner. The lip liner needs to be similar to the red shade of lipstick you’re going to use (or use a nude color). Carefully line your lips, avoiding trembling. If you made a mistake, don’t swipe it off with your finger––use makeup remover on a Q-tip (cotton bud) for best results.
•    Slightly line outside your lips if you want your lips to look bigger
•    Consider using a reverse liner; it’s clear and it allows you to outline your lips to prevent lipstick from running and bleeding.
•    If you don’t have a lip liner, pat concealer across your lips.

Apply the lipstick. You can use different kinds, but usually a traditional lipstick is preferable. Don’t forget the very inside of your lips, as you smile the colour of your real lips might be a big contrast to the redness.

To make your lips redder, and fuller, get a small brush and use your foundation to apply around your lips. Don’t be scared to get close to your lips, the bigger the contrast between your lips and your skin the better. This will let your lips look better, and more professional. It is best to always apply using a lip brush, not the actual lipstick, which should only ever be applied direct to lips for brief touch-ups. The brush ensures that the lipstick is added precisely and that it will stay put.

Once in place, lightly dab the lipstick with a tissue. A coat of translucent powder can do wonders too. Then, last but not least, apply either a clear or a red lip gloss. You can never put too little lip gloss, but avoid the edges, because it might dribble over if it’s too much. Place your index finger in your mouth and move it around gently. It’ll lift excess red lipstick likely to smear on your teeth.



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