CELEB STYLE: Tolula Adeyemi

Tolula Adeyemi is a model, DJ and actress. She is the muse of Vivienne Westwood, favourite model of photographer Ian Rankin, actress with Dustin Hoffman, bass player for Kylie Minogue; Tolula is an eclectic artist, a glamorous party girl, an eighties-style fashion icon and her style is fabulous and fantastic. Be she’s on the run-way, on the red carpet, on magazine cover or just posing for pictures in a studio she still looks totally fab-fab.

Tolula successfully pulls off a unique looks effortlessly. Her style is retro glam, fun and flirty. She moves beyond style boundaries, and takes risks which make her style distinctive and interesting to follow. Not only is she a party girl, she is also a DJ and loves reading poetry in restaurants such as the Bistrotheque in London.

Tolula receiving The Fab Jo Award

Tolula with Art Fanatics: Rolf Harris

Tolula is one of the darlings of Britain’s fashion scene. Her quirky yet glamorous style has made her a favorite on the red carpet. She often describes her style as ‘a mixture of masculine and feminine shapes, lines and structures’ and regards actresses; Josephine Baker, Jean Seberg and photographer Lee Miller as the inspiration behind her stylish looks.


She was shot by photographer Wayne Johns, in glorious Richmond and performed in a short fashion film with Sunny Williams label House of Sunny.

For more information,
Website: mynameistolula.blogspot.com
Tumblr: mynameistolula.tumblr
Facebook: Tolula-Adeyemi
Twitter: @tolulaadeyemi

8 thoughts on “CELEB STYLE: Tolula Adeyemi

    1. Am with you on that, gone are those days that it’s believe that Nigerians are only good for the dirty jobs in foreign countries but things are different now. we are making history; so to say.


      1. yes we are, but more clean minimal work needs to be out there and there is so much room to grow if we all work collectively to apply our selves and ensure that our style is recognized worldwide. I mean look internationally, there is vogue, elle, instyle, cosmopolitan, W, and the list goes on and on, there should be more options for Nigerian style and culture too.


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