It’s no news that Naomi Watts will be playing the role of the ‘People’s Princess’, in the first trailer channeling the last years of  the late Princess of Wales – Diana. Well personally I feel uneasy that a 44-years old Naomi is been use to play the role of the Princess who never even left her mid 30’s & I don’t think I’ll like it that much (well, that’s just my own opinion – I never really like biopics cause No matter how, the story will still lack base and facts about the person especially when the person is dead and of course in the case of princess Diana am sure that less or no information is coming from the families). Well lets look at the brighter side Naomi watts simply looks Princess Diana in a way, So, I guess that’s an addition but i do think they did a terrible job on the hair, What do you think?

Below are the comparison between Naomi Watts and the late Princess Diana.

  • Naomi Watts and Princess Diana

  • Princess Diana and Naomi Watts

  • Naomi Watts and Princess Diana

Princess Dianaof Whales & Naomi Watts

  • Princess Diana with Naomi Watts

  • Princess Diana performed great and brave work for the Red Cross during her life and Naomi Watts Imitating her in the new Biopic simply called “Diana”
  • Naomi Watts (L), Princess Diana (R)

Naomi Watts & Late Princess Diana

Late Princess Diana & Naomi Watts

  • Naomi has the look of Diana, Princess of Wales
  • The Princess shines in this dress and so does Naomi Watts

  • The Stylish Princess of Wales – Diana


  1. I actually did a post on this last year,when they first started filming the Movie. I totally support the casting of Naomi Watts as Princess D. Perfect choice! So eager to watch the Movie.


    1. Well thank God someone is eager to see this biopic cos all I’ve been doing is trashing it to the extent that am beginning to feel guilty LOl. Hope you enjoy it when you finally see it tho! 🙂


  2. I didn’t know a biopic was in the works. I think she looks like she”ll pull it off but you are right they could’ve made the hair more eighties’ like. Diana is so loved by people though so we’ll see how people respond. I hardly watch biopics so I may not see this either


    1. Same here, I don’t think I would be seeing this I mean after ‘The Iron Lady’ I never want to see any biopic again and again we all know this will lack all basic facts we need to see and again the hair is just not ‘it’ in anyway but Naomi sure looks like the Princess in a way tho!


      1. Lol. It took me a minute to even figure out what The Iron Lady was. I have had The Queen since it came out on DVD years ago and I am STILL trying to sit and watch.


      2. Please don’t, I’m serious – from my own point of view tho! but if you do let me know what you think.
        P.s – Am not sure what you mean by the ‘Queen’ but the iron lady is a biopic of Late Margaret Thatcher.


  3. You are right kim, Am here thinking Was there not enough money in the budget for hairstyling? its the very least you’d expect them to get right in the biopic of the princess.


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