Blog Partying 😉

Maison Bentley Style

il_fullxfull.444169293_1cduA huge WELCOME!! to all who come here on this wonderous day of a different kind of blogging..our inaugural BLOG PARTY..come in, have a mojito..

4077_MEDIUMOr something from the strawberry bar..

541061_542015722509173_481082397_n..take the weight off your feet and have a look around!

Our post today is about our Preview launch on Tuesday 11 June..but before that, here is the list of amazing and eclectic blogs for you to ‘Blog crawl’, visit and enjoy!

First of all we want to add in three extra Blogs because they have kindly posted about our launch and spread the love: – a lovely, personal post from a great blog – beautifully written – Manuela will be writing her post very soon



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6 thoughts on “Set…Go!!

  1. Hi, am opening my store soon and I wouldn’t mind if you can drop by or….. You know what, I just sent you an e-mail just now & am hoping you can get back at me ASAP so we could figure out what to do. Thanks and great job you are doing here.


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