I’m glad to receive this One lovely blog award from splashesandeverything – she’s a beautiful fellow, though she’s relatively new to blogging, she’s no novice trust me – she’s got style and interesting post to read on her blog. You all can go check her out @ and I wish her a safe trip to London xx.

And the rules are:

  • Thank the person who nominate you.
  • Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” Image to your post.
  • Share 7 things about you.
  • Pass the award to seven nominees.
  • Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs.

Seven things about me

  1. I love the Nigeria KFC crispy chicken, the taste is unique unlike others (Hi, KFC I know you are reading this, you better pay me for this. LOL)
  2. I love swimming but the last time i got to swim was 8years ago, and the Ocean current almost carried me away. Opps!!!
  3. I love Historical Korean Dramas esp. “Dong Yi” et al.
  4. Kimberly is my middle name and it means “From the royal fortress meadow”.
  5. Mimi is my best-friend and she also happens to be my Mum 😉
  6. I love washing my clothes with my hand, I just happened to hate watching machine (Am weird right???)
  7. OK finally this is the last time am doing this 7 things about me (have done enough) I’ll just skip it next time.

And am passing this award to this seven fabulous blog below:

  1. mandymint
  2. mariejulietteleblog
  3. Cowboys and Crossbones
  4. marijadebono
  5. actionbeaute
  6. paulinemarina

To every blog that am following and to the one’s that are following my blog – I love you all, xo.

25 thoughts on “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD

  1. lovely, lovely bolg by the way, you took the words right out of my head, so obsessed with style and being bold, I think we should collaborate one day…


  2. hahaha, i thought I was the only one who did number 6, I dont think it’s wierd, I think we just love our clothes too much that the thought of a machine is simply appaling.


  3. One more thing about her, the number 8, She’s naughty. She’s a handful. Remarkably, she’s adorable inspite of the naughtiness.


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