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Icon status is an elusive, wild beast.

See, no matter how many times you don a black bodysuit and the bedazzled gloves you lovingly hand-stitched to reenact the by now ubiquitous wedding dance floor song “Single Ladies”—pause for a minute to appreciate how many 11-year-old girls have done that in the last four years—you’ll never be as good as Beyoncé.

And that’s what’s to love about the great Queen Bey. She’s a machine. She’s untouchable. And she makes us feel fierce, by proximity.

Beyoncé’s Midas touch is something she’s well aware of, and she’s advanced it strategically, indulging and delighting her vehemently devoted fans while embracing what spectacle—a staple of her performances—affords her: “the license to live vicariously, to visualize, to fantasize. To be bigger than yourself, bigger than life.”

Over the course of her career, she’s sculpted, coiffed, and polished her image to build a persona so globally recognizable…

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  1. Hi Kimberly, I just enclose you by the persons who have given me the Shine on Award you can recheck it on my blog if you want, (I published it at 04/04/2013 ), sorry that I only did it now and my apologize for that 🙂 ! I Thank you again and have a great weekend ! 🙂


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