Happy Anniversary Obsessed!


It’s been exactly One Year since I took to the blogging world, and so far I can boldly say; it has been a very pleasant experience. Am Fascinated by how much love you get from fellow blogger and readers alike, not to mention, reading of comments posted on my blog – it sometimes just get me giddy. Though, I have not been consistent with my post, due to school and so many other things, I still do make sure to take my time out to post one or two things, also to check out what other bloggers are up-to.

 So in a nutshell, Obsessed is a year old today, and I’ll like to say thank you to these wonderful fellow bloggers, heelsandpeplumthebestdressup and Maison Bentley Style in a way, they all have motivated me in my early days of blogging, and a bigger thank you to my readers, and everyone out there who have visited my blog, drop comment or even criticize my post in one way or the other. ***LOVE YOU ALL***


Since today also happens to be Saint Valentine day, I also wish you all a lovely day full of love, cakes, passionate sxx, beers (and if you are underage, i guess a bottle of soft drink or malt drink, with a hug from your parents will do *wink* lol) and lots of gifts and kisses. To those of us who are going solo, lets have a virtual group hug together LOL. Remember today will come again so Have fun, Play Safe and stay alive. XOXO from Kimberly Akinola.



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