Eku Edewor Grace The Cover Of Blanck Magazine’s Jan. 2014 Issue


Finally, Blank digital magazine is out, and it’s pioneer by none other than Franca Asindi-Chiedu who is the former editor of Complete fashion magazine.



Blanck Magazine Jan. 2014 Issue is covered by TV Personality, actress and model Eku Edewor who is looking all stunning and sexy in a boudoir style editorial and she took her time to sheds light on her life, work and the racial issues booming in the entertainment and fashion industry all around the world.



Below is an excerpts from the interview:

On personal struggles of being of mixed race: “I suffer from acts of racism all the time, intentional and unintentional. I mean some of the racism I have experienced is simply a cultural reaction to me that is not meant to be an insult but invariably it is.

I’ve learnt that people will always find something wrong with you and working in an environment that is predominantly darker skinned I feel that people tend to refer me to my colour a lot and not always in a positive way. Some of the comments I get are; ‘She’s only successful because she’s light skinned, or she’s only considered attractive because she’s light skinned’.

I have lost jobs I’ve got because there will always be an opinion that states, she’s too fair people will not relate to her, let’s go with a more African look. This is particularly hurtful because at that point I am unable to prove my talent. It always surprises me when I deal with these issues because it’s clear that I am an African, I have been accepted as one, my show is still successful despite being the only host and most importantly, the face of Africa is not one shade.

I therefore am very grateful to those that have chosen my talent first. What is interesting, is that I can’t count on both hands other mixed race personalities in my environment so I wonder who people refer to when they state I am only successful because I am fair.”


She also went on to describe her personality: “I think I’m easy going , energetic, a deep thinker, social, reclusive, I am a constant contradiction and as as result I think I always end up surprising people.”

Credits For ShootEku Edewor
Photography: Ade Okelarin (Asiko)
Stylist: Bella Adeleke
Hair: Adeola Olaosebikan
Stylist Assistant: Toyin Jolapamo
Make Up: Yemi Abraham

2 thoughts on “Eku Edewor Grace The Cover Of Blanck Magazine’s Jan. 2014 Issue

  1. A beautiful display of cultural customs.
    Wonderful too see and to learn about. There are some aspects that seem simar to Japanese traditions in terms of formality and respect. I wish American weddings had more of that element.
    Thank you for sharing.


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