Poetic Realism At Its Finest

It’s sad that we the Millennials have failed to rise above all the obstruction and barriers that prevents our forefathers from seeing beyond color/race, and social class or economic status. Men have been in contestation with each other for centuries over insignificant or trivial issues, thus causing the human race the lack of genuine peace within them. I would have love to share my thought on what is happening all over the world, but the video below sum up everything I was thinking about.

From all my years studying I have come to understand that there are certain knowledge(s) that schools are not just going to offer….. It takes opening one’s mind to access easy information that’s vital to our well being, success and understanding of each other, and that is exactly what the video below portrays, it shows us how we have all overlook our mistakes and our desire to blame each other instead of looking for a way forward. The three lovely girls in the video below are, Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen — members of the Get Lit organization — deliver a powerful, poetic message to everyone of us out there, watch and enjoy!!!.

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