Awards: For You All

A big thank you to seeker of for passing on all these awards to me, Really appreciate it and you may check out seeker blog. Thank you all for all your kindness. Also, Thanks to Roro of maybeitsaboutroro  and limseeyee for passing out the Shine On Award to me. To every of the fabulous, talented, funny, and beautiful/handsome bloggers am following – These awards are for you, You all are my inspiration. You … Continue reading Awards: For You All

Shine On Award

Many thanks to the sweet Anne of annetbell – for nominating my blog for the Shine On Blogger Award, check out her blog to learn from her vast experience of life and her interesting articles. The Rules Are: Display the award logo on your blog. Link back to the blog that nominate your blog. State 7 things about you. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link … Continue reading Shine On Award