You know that funny looking- baggy pants you see people wear to bed. Well, it has found it’s way to the run way as fashion designers have made it trendy. You too can rock this look with these simple fashion tips.

  • Make sure the pajamas-style pants are of good quality and design.
  • This trend is very casual, you can combine the pants with tank tops, blazers, a regular t-shirt, it depends on how casual you want to look. Here are ways you can shine in the pajamas-style trousers.


This look can be very trickish, so I say wearing a colorful jean top/jacket will be better

The clutch added to this look just made it look chic, don’t you agree?

Spring pajamas pants

Pairing it with a belt sometimes gives it a edgy look.

How to wear pajama pants Krystin Lee

Street style pajama pants (choosing prints pajama pants is a good choice)

Victoria Beckham in striped pajama style trousers


pajama style silk version

When you paired your pajama pants with a lace tee and printed smoking slippers you get a look that’s acceptable outside of your bedroom for casual weekend activities!

Best friends and style sisters: The 25-year-old singer and her best friend Melissa wore matching floral print outfits

Rihanna and best friend Melissa in floral prints Pajama outfits (Pajama floral prints pants can be just over the edge sometimes, so it’s better not to pair it up with the same color as Riri does here)

How to wear pajama pants Melanie Morais

Silky tops are one of the best way to pair up your pajama pants

How to wear pajama pants KD Faustino

Add a more downtown vibe to it instead of it screaming “beach” (or “bed”) by wearing a wide-brimmed hat, gold/rose gold jewels and ankle boots.

Nicole Ritchie in a silky red pajama pants which she paired with a T-shirt and cropped leather jacket. (the shallow V-neck cut, and select oversized glasses just made this outfit a banger)

How to wear pajama pants Kristin MacDonald

A pair of flowing silk pajama pants in a bright hue for the springtime is a must have.

How to wear pajama pants Christina Cravero

This is one of my best pajama styled look –  wearing a pant that’s more fitted with an elastic bottom & also paired with a fitted shirt, cropped jacket/blazer, low-high heels and of course fabulous accessories! I can’t say more love it!

Pajamas street style

How to wear pajama pants Kayla Short

When incorporating pajama pieces you can wear elegant accessories like a great bag, or a stacked arm party. Always opt for a sophisticated shoe like a great pump and/or something with height.

How to wear pajama pants Stephanie Koch

Models in runway on Pajama pants

Rihanna wears Pajamas-Inspired outfit.

Get the look:

You can pair tour pajama pants with natural top or darker colors if you think your pants is too colorful

High heels shoes will just work wonders for your pajama pants & adding bold & colorful accessories also will make you stand out.

Now the big question is: Can you rock any of this look???


  1. Now, I would dare to try wear pajama type trousers, if only I could just find the perfect heels to match it with.. Thanks for this! Really helpful and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks 🙂 kisses from roro


  2. This post is amazing and so useful. I love the pijamas trousers trend and I’m always looking for the best way to wear them. Here I’ve found so many inspiration I can’t wait to go shopping ;P


  3. I could probably rock the bottoms but not the pair! Thanks for this post! I would never know that pajamas now is on trend. But it’s a trend I will have to pass! Hahahaha!


    1. It’s a easy look to crack, all you just need to do is to get it right, don’t go overboard but also not too boring – you can also try to spice it up with some bold accessories, that’s if you are going for the simple look.


  4. When I see people in pajama pants in public places, Damn!!! I think they are crazy as hell but looking this up now, I realize it isn’t that bad and am’o be trying one out myself too. Just hope dudes ain’t gonna be clowning me 😉 Big ups for this.


    1. haha I read this and it made me laugh, whenever I go grocery shopping there’s always one person who hasn’t bothered to get dressed. x


  5. I’m generally not feeling the ones that really look like pyjamas BUT I like Posh’s striped ones and Nicole Richie’s red ones. Also the pair in the second photo – cool print. Also the ones with tapered legs or fitted ankles are cool.


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