Hairstyle Tips: Straight Hair Cuts With Bangs

Bangs are one of those hairstyles that never really go out of style. Front fringe, or bangs, is a hair trend that would always be convenient and useful. Isn’t it amazing how bangs can create an edgier look while still maintaining a cute look? Bangs — whether blunt, asymmetric, or wispy — can look great on just about anyone, as long as they’re done right.

The reason this hairdo continues to prevail is that it’s one of most striking, yet still understated things you can do to your hair. It can be wavy, straight or cut short like a bob. There are tons of ways to style a front fringe.

A full fringe and bouncy hair is one of the best ways to style a fringe till date, to have locks of hair tumbling over your shoulders or to have a careless loose twist on top of your head. They are good ways to style your fringe regardless of the occasion.

Fringes are marvelously versatile. Fringes (bangs) can be of different lengths. Therefore, they can hide a forehead that is slightly too high or give the right contour to the face. The sexiest fringe is bold and blunt, long and side-swept, or short and ingénue-like. Bangs are flattering for every face shape.
How do you style your bangs?

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