JEWEL BY LISA LANDS ON MYTHERESA.COM (One Of The World’s Leading Luxury Fashion Online Stores)

Jewel By Lisa is a Nigerian fashion designer owned by the beautiful Lisa Folawiyo, is our sweet designer who never forgets what a girl truly needs in looking bold, chic and beautiful in her ready to wear designs. Jewel By Lisa is spreading day-by-day worldwide because of her unique use of African fabrics and her lovely fashion style, and now her accomplished luxury brand will be available to the world on one of the world’s leading online stores for luxury.

Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel By Lisa

Each season mytheresa expert buying team visits the fashion metropoles of the world to select the pieces that suit’s philosophy of elegance and ageless style that’s both modern and right on trend. This further affirms that there is indeed a lot of inspiration and great achievements coming out of Nigeria fashion industry

And all you fashion lovers should get ready to log into and get those beautiful dresses and killer shoes you have always long for.


14 thoughts on “JEWEL BY LISA LANDS ON MYTHERESA.COM (One Of The World’s Leading Luxury Fashion Online Stores)

  1. I have the opportunity to meet her at the Arise fashion week and She is just as pretty as her design and I love her. Thanks.


  2. I checked and boy! Don’t they just cost a arm? Then seeing this I realise Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel By Lisa has hit it big, well one day when I make my own cash I am sure going to buy her designs too because I love them but for now I’ll make do of asking my taylor to make a replica of her design.


  3. JBL is one African Lady that inspires me a lot, she isn’t settling for her fathers wealth and she is out there making name for herself. God bless her for this and I love her designs.


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